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Pirelli Tires

Buy Pirelli Tires for Any Type of Car or Weather

Power is Nothing Without Control

  Pirelli Tires on High Performance Car

There are some tires you may have heard of and others you had no idea existed. Chances are though, you've heard of Pirelli tires. Pirelli is a favorite of car enthusiasts, especially those driving high-performance or luxury cars. Their tires have a reputation for being comfortable, stylish, well-designed, safe, and affordable.

You'll immediately be impressed when you install a set of Pirelli tires on your vehicle. There will be a substantial improvement in how your vehicle handles the road, which is especially important for people who drive powerful cars. As the Pirelli slogan says, "Power is nothing without control".

Pirelli Tires On Sale Today

Tires Built On 147 Years of Experience and Excellence

Pirelli tires began in 1872 and been in business ever since. Founded by the Pirelli family, the Milan, Italy based company has been in continuous operation, and produced different plastic and rubber products, for almost 150 years. Today, the company focuses only on tires. Their tires have become so popular, that they even have their own clothing line now.

Over the years, Pirelli tires have been the go-to tires for numerous professional racing car teams, racing in a variety of different types of road races. Pirelli tires are a favorite of many Formula 1 racing teams.

The company has stayed in business for so long because of its reputation for producing quality products at affordable prices. While their tires are the favorites for people who drive ultra-high performance cars, they also have lines that are the perfect fit for your passenger vehicle or SUV.

Pirelli Tires Aren't Only For The Pros

Pirelli tires aren't only for professional drivers. Their line of tires has something for everybody. For example:

  • P Zero Rosso Tires are excellent summer tires, providing max control along with a comfortable ride.
  • P Zero Nero All Season Tires are perfect for vehicles that are used year-round regardless of the driving conditions.
  • P Zero Nero All Season Run Flat Tires are excellent tires for people who spend a lot of time on the road. If one of the tires goes flat, they are designed to last for another 50 miles at 50 MPH. This allows you time to get to the nearest tire shop.
Pirelli Tire Line Up

The First Choice for Many Luxury Car Owners

If Pirelli is known for one thing, besides Formula 1 racing tires, it's their reputation as the favorite tire for people who drive high-performance sports cars or luxury vehicles. Many of the top manufacturers of exotic cars choose Pirelli as their OEM tires. These vehicles are famous for their designs, excellence in production, and consistent high-quality. People who purchase these vehicles demand the best, and each one of the luxury car makers supplies them with Pirelli tires. This is a strong testament to how respected Pirelli tires are in the automotive industry.

  • Aston-Martin
  • Bentley
  • Ferrari
  • Lamborghini
  • Maserati
  • McLaren
  • Pagani
  • Porsche

The Pirelli Warranty

Great tires require great service; Pirelli makes it easy for you to feel safe and secure in your purchase. They stand behind their tires and are there for you throughout your ownership.

  • Free replacement for any material defects or production errors.
  • A prorate schedule will be used for any defects discovered after the warranty has expired.
  • You can try the Pirelli Confidence Plus plan. Under this plan certain lines of tires, when installed as a four wheel set, can be replaced within 30 days if you are unhappy with their performance. You can exchange them for any of the other qualifying lines of Pirelli tires. If you can't find a set of Pirellis you like, your purchase price will be refunded.

How to Choose the Right Pirelli Tires

Before you make the decision to purchase any of the Pirelli tires we have here at Target Auto Repair, you should probably know a few facts about tires. All tires have markings on the sidewall, and even though they may be confusing on first look, you can learn a lot about the tire once you know how to read them. If you would like a more detailed explanation of the markings, please ask one of our technicians. They'll be happy to explain them and tell you how they apply to your vehicle.

  • First, you'll see the Pirelli name and the model of the tire
  • Next, you'll see a set of numbers that look like a fraction. The first number is the nominal width and the second number is the nominal aspect ratio. The nominal width is listed in millimeters. The aspect ratio is the ratio of the height of the sidewall to the width.
  • There will be a letter followed by a number. This is the structure code and diameter of the rim in inches. For example, "R" means it is a radial tire, and if the number is 15, the tire is sized for a 15-inch rim.
  • Right after the size of the rim, you'll find a load and speed index code. The load number is the amount of weight the tire can support when properly inflated. The speed index code is the maximum amount of speed the tire can handle.
  • You'll also find the recommended tire pressure markings on the sidewall.

Why Choose Target Auto Repair?

For over 30 years, Target Auto Repair has provided reliable, honest, and affordable car repair service in and around Hollywood, Florida. We are proud of our reputation and work hard to maintain the trust we've developed with our repeat customers.

In addition to being a 100% authorized dealer of Pirelli tires, we also offer:

  • All forms of car repair by our ASE certified technicians
  • A pickup and drop-off service so you can still make it to work while your car is being repaired
  • We are an AC Delco certified service center
  • Towing service is available
  • No obligation free estimates
  • Our shop is a GE fleet service member
  • We accept extended warranties

Whether you are looking to get a new set of Pirelli tires installed, or if you need a different type of automotive repair service we have you covered. If you have any automotive problems or questions about our tire selection, give us a call at (954) 962-7517 or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!

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