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Fuel Injection

The Fuel Injection System of a Car

Fuel injection is a system for supplying fuel into an internal combustion engine. Most fuel injection systems are for gasoline or diesel applications. Benefits to the driver of a fuel-injected car include smoother and more dependable engine response, easier and more dependable engine starting, better operation at extremely high or low temperatures, increased maintenance intervals, and increased fuel efficiency. Hint: using top tier gasoline brands can help cars run better.

Common Fuel Injection Problems

  • Dirty fuel injectors are a common cause of rough idle.
  • Jerking and bucking while driving is usually caused by the fuel injection system.
  • Drop in gas mileage, stalling, and sputtering engine after ignition shut-off are common symptoms of fuel injection issues.
  • Electronic fuel injectors can build up with wax, varnish, rust and organic matter. If this happens, the injectors become clogged and dirty. This has a major effect on an engine's performance and fuel economy.

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