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Check Engine Light

What to Do When Your Check Engine Light is On

Check Engine Warning Light

You may see a picture of an engine light up. This can indicate a wide range of problems from very simple things to something more serious involved. It should be checked as soon as possible. This may or may not be urgent but bring your car in as soon as you can. Once we connect it to our computerized diagnostic tool then we will quickly determine the problem.

Oil Pressure Warning Light

If you see this symbol light up which looks like a drop coming out of a spout it is time to bring your car in for repairs right away. This oil pressure light is NOT going to let you know when it is time to change the filter and oil; it indicates there is some problem that needs to be fixed. If you engine isn't being lubricated properly then it will become damaged. This is urgent, when this light comes on stop your car as soon as possible and call us.

Tire Pressure Warning Light

If you see a light that looks like a letter "U" with an exclamation point in the middle then there is some problem with your tires. Often it is something simple like a tire that needs air. It could also indicate that the tire isn't just low on air it may have been punctured. It is also possible that the sensor in the tire has gone bad. Keeping the proper amount of pressure in your tires will help them to last longer.

Engine Temperature Warning Light

This is one of those lights that you should pay attention to and stop driving your car. If the engine is overheating then that could cause some major problems. Stop your car as soon as you safely can and call us. You may have a simple problem like a broken radiator hose and if you continue to drive you could ruin the engine. Let's get it checked out now. Don't drive it to us, stop the car and call us.

Brake Warning Light

This can look like an exclamation point or it may have text that says "BRAKE". You will want to have this checked right away. It may be an easy to fix problem such as just adding brake fluid. Of course if your brakes stop working that's a huge problem so get this checked right away. Maybe you need new brakes or a hydraulic hose has broken and whatever the problem may be it should be inspected right away. This is a safety issue.

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