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Brake Repair and Service

Brake Services
Brake Coupon

Brake Special – $125 Coupon

Target Auto Repair provides complete brake repair and service for your car, truck or SUV in Hollywood Florida. Present this coupon to receive our special $125 pricing for our brake service. Call (954) 962-7517 to schedule your vehicle's next brake service. Click the coupon for a printable version you can bring in for your next brake service.

Brake Coupon Includes

  • Organic Pads
  • Install Front or Rear Pads
  • Inspect Rotors or Drums
  • Inspect Calipers, Wheel Cylinders
  • Adjust the System
  • Metallic Pads are Slightly Higher

Free Oil Change With Complete Brake Service

Brake Service You Can Trust

OEM Brakes for Reliable Stopping Power

Our ASE certified and AATI Accredited brake mechanics don't work on commission, so you'll never be overpriced or up-sold. We only use OEM parts for your vehicle's brake system, so you know when you hit your brakes, you'll have the extraordinary stopping power your car, truck or SUV needs.

You can count on OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) hydraulic parts such as brake boosters, master cylinders and wheel cylinders; your car will never be compromised with a generic part, because your safety is in our hands.

Call us at (954) 962-7517 to schedule your next professional brake repair or service.

Brake Warranty

All of our brake service comes with a 2 year / 24,000 mile nationwide warranty. No matter where you drive in the United States or Canada, you'll always be protected by our Elite Service Center Warranty.

Brakes for Your Car, Truck or SUV

Call (954) 962-7517 for the best prices on professional automotive brake service. The brake system is one of the most important parts of your car. For safe stopping, you should have your brakes inspected regularly at Target Auto Repair. Preventative maintenance can help you avoid costly brake system repairs in the future and could also possibly save your life.

Understanding Your Vehicle's Brake System

There are many components to your brake system that may need to be replaced. Here are a few terms you may hear us use when discussing your brakes:

  • Brake pads or shoes
  • Resurfacing rotors or drums
  • inspecting brake hoses
  • Replacing grease seals
  • Repacking wheel bearings
  • Inspecting the entire brake system
  • Brake fluid flush
  • Flushing old contaminated brake fluid from the system
  • Refilling your brake system with the proper type of new brake fluid
  • Calipers
  • Wheel cylinders
  • Parking brake
  • Anti-lock braking system
  • Master cylinder

Brake Warning Light

Brake Warning Light

This can look like an exclamation point or it may have text that says "BRAKE". You will want to have this checked right away as it may be an easy to fix problem such as just adding brake fluid. Target Auto Repair will only recommend what needs to be fixed; you can trust our diagnosis of your brake warning light.

Of course if your brakes aren't working properly that's a huge problem so it is important to get them checked right away. You may need new brakes or a hydraulic hose has broken.

Whatever the problem may be it should be inspected right away as poor performing brakes are a safety issue.

Brakes are Squealing or Grinding

Check Your Brake Rotors and Calipers

Always listen to your vehicle's brakes. When you step on the brakes whether hard or gently, if you hear a squeaking, squealing, whirring, or grinding sound, it can indicate the start of a problem with your brakes. It's important to have the calipers, pads, and rotors or drums checked if you hear any unusual sounds coming from your car, truck or SUV's brakes.

While you are stopped at a red light, if you notice the brake keeps slowly going down lower towards the floor, you need to get that checked out. We have the equipment to diagnose, maintain and repair your brake system and handle any necessary brake repairs.

Quality Brakes for a Safe Car, Truck or SUV

Safe Brakes Means Safe Driving for Your Family

We want you and your family to feel safe and comfortable driving. Target Auto Repair will make certain you feel confident knowing that you can stop your car on a dime if you have to.

Our certified brake technicians pay attention to detail and will make sure your car, truck or SUV is in top condition when you drive. Trust Target Auto Repair in Hollywood Florida for all of your brake repairs. Call us at (954) 962-7517 to schedule your next brake repair.

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