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A/C Repair for Cars, Trucks, or SUV's

Car A/C System Working Properly

ASE-Certified Car Air Conditioner Repair

Certified A/C Repair Mechanic

Call (954) 962-7517 for the best prices on professional air conditioning repair and service. Living in South Florida, you never want to be caught with a broken air conditioner. Our ASE-Certified technicians take pride in their work. Our mechanics will ensure your car, truck or SUV's air conditioner will be as dependable as the day it drove off the lot.

Target Auto Repair has been keeping drivers cool for over 33 years. We take the time to perform a complete A/C Cooling System Evaluation to properly diagnose the problem. You can trust our technicians and we'll make certain our prices are fair.

Automotive AC Recharge Special $49.99

A/C Recharge Coupon

We're offering a special on our vehicle AC recharge service. This $49.99 package includes a full AC recharge service as well as a complete air conditioning system check.

Call us at (954) 962-7517 or send us an email so your car remains cool year round, especially during the brutal Florida months. Target Auto Repair will give you the best AC recharge price.

During this complete AC recharge service, we will only recommend additional air conditioning repairs your car truly needs.

You can trust Target Auto Repair to provide you with fair pricing and reliable service.

Our A/C Service Package Includes

Your car, truck or SUV should be brought in once a year before the hot summer season to have A/C system serviced. Our comprehensive air conditioning service includes:

  • Add Refrigerant
  • Check for Leaks with Fluorescent Dye
  • Vacuum and Recharge
  • A Comprehensive Written Estimate, if Repairs are Needed

Auto Air Conditioning System Common Problems

  • Lack of sufficient refrigerant. This is usually caused by a leak in the A/C system.
  • Electrical problems causing the compressor or the fan to malfunction. This is sometimes caused by a failed sensor or the onboard computer.
  • Improper refrigerant charge. The mixture of refrigerant liquid to oil is out of proportion.
Keep Your Family Cool

You may notice your auto air conditioning system is not blowing as cold as it should, the air is not blowing out at all, or there are any other problems with your cooling system in your car, truck or SUV.

If these A/C problems occur, call us at (954) 962-7517 or send us an email to schedule an appointment.

You can depend on Target Auto Repair to keep you and your family cool.

We pride ourselves on trustworthy auto air service and fair, competitive pricing on all A/C repairs and maintenance. Get in touch today to schedule an appointment.

Call (954) 962-7517 for Air Conditioning Repair

We always recommend regular A/C Maintenance in order to avoid future repairs. Target Auto Repair will develop a personalized maintenance plan so you never have to worry about when you should come in. We'll make sure your car's air conditioning system is always in good shape.

After Hours Consultations with the Owner

Jeff Cohen - Owner of Target Auto Repair

Call (954) 962-7517 and ask for Jeff, the owner of Target Auto Repair, to discuss your a/c repair needs.

Jeff provides professional, dependable consultations to discuss the best solution to your air conditioning problems.

Cutting Edge A/C Service Equipment

ASE Certified Air Conditioning Mechanics

At Target Auto Repair, we pride ourselves on being ASE Certified and having the latest equipment to make sure your air conditioner works optimally.

All of our a/c repair and service equipment is environmentally friendly and EPA approved.

  • High Tech A/C Gauges for Hi and Lo Pressure
  • Ultra Violet Leak Detector
  • High Tech AC Sniffer for Refrigerant
  • Sound Sensitive Guider Counter
  • AC Refrigerant Recovery Machine

Rental Cars Available

If you need a rental car while your air conditioning system is being repaired, Target Auto Repair works with both Avis and Hertz to provide rental cars at discounted rates. They'll pick you up to get your rental car, which is located 5 minutes away. Then for your convenience, you can drop the rental car off directly at Target Auto Repair. Call (954) 962-7517 for more details.

Learn More About Automotive A/C Systems

A/C Compressor

Air Conditioning Compressor for a Car

Your vehicle's air conditioning compressor is usually driven by the engine with a belt. There are certain instances when the compressor is driven by an electric motor.

A well maintained a/c compressor will help improve gas mileage as the unit will not have to work as hard to keep your car's interior cool.

A/C Blower Motor

AC Blower Motor

A properly functioning air conditioning blower motor is essential to cool car temperatures. The blower motor in your vehicle's air conditioning unit is what forces air through the vents and allows your to control the speed of the fan.

The blower motor mounts to the HVAC housing. Cars or SUV's with rear A/C vents may even have a separate blower motor in the rear of the vehicle. The motor is driven by the car's engine, and for that reason, a properly maintained A/C blower motor will help in increasing your gas mileage.

Automotive A/C blower motors will eventually fail. Regular use will cause the brushes and bearing inside the motor to wear out, and over time, the blower will seize. If you hear squeaking or squealing coming from your car while the air conditioner is running, it may be time to have the blower checked.

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