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You Don't Have to Take Our Word for It!

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Target Auto Repair:

Thanks everybody great job and a very friendly experience. Long time customer! My only mechanic!

Robert M.

I stumbled across this shop looking for someone to replace my ball joints, brake pads and rotors this past summer. Aside from doing a great job, they informed me I had an air condition leak which I said I new about because Firestone told me it would cost $2,000 to fix. Jeff Cohen, the owner of Target said it was just a $25 hose and a little labor and since then it has run perfect. As a result, when I needed my Valve cover gasket to be replaced last week, i took my Santa Fe back to Target and they quickly found that an earlier repair job I had done at a Midas in Central Florida, was done incorrectly and that my Timing Belt was literally disentegrating and about to break as well as other internal parts put in incorrectly. They fixed the mistake and got everything working perfectly again. They are also helping me get fully reimbursed for the past repair and aside from their honesty and service being top notch... so is the quality of their work and the warranty behind it. I strongly recommend Target Auto to anyone looking for a fantastic and honest shop.

Jeff W.

Moved to Hollywood and could not find a decent mechanic.Found Target auto on funston st. thru a local resident .Jeff the owner is as fair a guy as I have ever meant.Yammy in office has the place running like a swiss watch..I would not go anywhere else..Very friendly place

Steve B.

Jeff took great care of my car. I came back with my wife's car the next week. Now our cars are in great shape and the prices are very fair. I highly recommend Target Auto Repair in Hollywood.

Rick G.

Jeff and his staff come highly experienced with YOUR best care first! I went for a second opinion and he explained the process, how one part of the engine affects others and what his staff does to improve not just the one part but the overall health of the vehicle life. I will recommend this team for an honest job with a positive energy/ family feel! You will regret ever going elsewhere. See for yourself.

Kim P.

Great place to have your tires and Servive done. If you are in the area you can rest to sure this is the place for you. Great atmosphere, knowledgeable staff and a very competitive rate. Love this place.

Max F.

Very professional and friendly staff my AC was fixed in no time - definitely coming back!

Martin L.

Friendly honest people. Very upfront about everything.

Leland R.

Jeff and his crew are awesome. I brought my 4x4 F150 in for a 4 inch suspension lift and I could not be happier. Not only did they do a fantastic job installing the lift, but they had me back on the road super fast. They did a complete inspection of the front end, alerting me of some issue's which they completely fixed. Honest and awesome work for a fair price. What more can a car or truck owner ask for.

John C.

Very friendly and great service,thanks to all of the members of Target auto repair,my next service I will come back to your place. Thanks

Hamid R.

Great place for auto repairs, brought my car in for my first experience when my car needed a engine valve replaced so I can take a road trip and I took it to them early in the morning and they fix it by mid afternoon and my car was running better than ever, definitely recommend people to visit if your having car troubles.

King D.

Very good attention, good prices, professional work force, spares are always available, full work warranty. I definitely recomend this place for the maintenance of your vehicle.

Ivan R.

These guys are great! Their location isn't as hard to find and these guys are knowledgeable to all heck about tires and how they roll on the road! I got two new tires, and a alignment test, learned about the different varieties of alignment and found out we didnt need the extra work done. No upselling involved in that. Free test. Trust these guys, they have the science back up their claims, i was sceptacle at first but the business has been around quite a long time and these guys knowledge really speaks to you, like literally! Going back today!

Fernando H.

Target Auto Repair is awesome. I called and they checked out my car the same day. Great place to get your car repaired.

Bette B.

Awesome experience!! I called yesterday about getting a set of tires for my car and within minutes, Yamileth had emailed me an estimation that showed the breakdown of the price. I was very pleased with the price, called her back after reading the quote and ordered the tires. The tires were delivered the next day and were installed later that day. When I arrived, everyone was extremely nice to me. I sat in the office waiting for my car to be done. While sitting there, Jeff was kind enough to sit with me for the majority of the time talking with me. I had my cat with me (just picked him up from the groomers) and Jeff was so extremely nice to both me and him (he was even calling my cat by name "Oliver"). Before I knew it, my car was done! It was so nice receiving this high of quality of customer service. It truly showed me that there are actually still really good people out there. I have actually already given a friend of mine the name and number to your shop. Thank you for everything! : )

L M.

I had a great experience with Target Auto Repair! Jeff ensured that my car's front bumper was replaced and painted in an efficient and timely manner. The office handled the financial part in a very professional way, ensuring the costs were paid for securely by the person who had hit my car. I am thankful I went there.

Nicole M.

From the first phone call inquiring about tires to the new tires being mounted, the office manager and the owner were extremely professional and pleasant to work with. while waiting for my car to be ready, liked the way customers calling or coming in were treated with respect and given honest explanations, recommendations, & choices. i was equally impressed with the tydiness/cleanliness of the office and shop! i highly recommend target auto repair.

Avra G.

The AC stopped working in my car and I found Target Auto Repair with a quick google search and found the other positive reviews. Went in for an estimate and met the owner himself. Down to earth and gave me his best recommendation for repairs. No gimmicks just straight up best and affordable recommendation to get my car working again. Highly recommend them!

Jason R.