• Starters and Alternators

    STARTERS & ALTERNATORS A starter is an electric motor for rotating an internal combustion engine to start the engine’s operation. Think about how many times you insert the key and turn the ignition on… hundreds and hundreds of times a month, thousands and thousands of times a year. This can wear out your starter – […]

  • Hybrid Car Repair

    Foreign and domestic hybrid car repairs If you have a hybrid car you are enjoying gas savings while reducing emissions.  You are helping the environment while at the same time helping yourself.  Smart move! You probably know that not everyone is trained, equipped and has the tools that are specifically designed to work on your […]

  • About Us

    About Target Auto Repair Hollywood Florida Target Auto Repair is a full-service auto repair shop located in South Florida. For over 33 years, we have proudly served Miami Dade and Broward counties, providing customers in the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors with a reliable, hassle-free auto repair and maintenance service experience. As your neighborhood car […]

  • Cooling System

    Cooling System Engine Temperature Warning Light – This is one of those lights that you should pay attention to and stop driving your car. If the engine is overheating then that could cause some major problems. Stop your car as soon as you safely can and call us. You may have a simple problem like […]

  • Computer Diagnostics

    Computer Diagnostics What do “computer diagnostics” mean? The term “computer diagnostics” refers to a repair shop diagnosing a problem in a vehicle using only one set of tools and running a simple computer scan. The car diagnostic can tell you the following about the vehicle: ignition timing issues, level of buildup in the combustion engine, […]

  • Batteries

    Batteries Replacement Batteries Reasonably Priced Throughout the life of your vehicle, you will probably have to replace your car’s battery a number of times. Either it gets old and has to be replaced, or it is drained unintentionally when lights or another electrical accessory are left on. A dead battery can be a hassle, especially […]

  • Auto Sales

    Auto Sales Shopping for a good, reliable vehicle? Target Auto Repair – Auto Sales has a great selection of clean and well-running used vehicles.  We pride ourselves on affordable prices to put you in an “around town” car today!  We will even handle all the paperwork (title/tag/transfer, etc.) for you!  Target Auto Repair – Auto […]

  • Auto Engine Repair

    Auto Engine Repair Check Engine Warning Light – You may see a picture of an engine light up. This can indicate a wide range of problems from very simple things to something more serious involved. It should be checked as soon as possible. This may or may not be urgent but bring your car in […]

  • A/C Repair, Recharge for Your Car, Truck or SUV

    ASE-Certified Car Air Conditioner Repair Call (954) 962-7517 for the best prices on professional Air Conditioning Repair and Service. Living in South Florida, you never want to be caught with a broken air conditioner. Our ASE-Certified technicians take pride in their work. Our mechanics will ensure your car, truck or SUV’s air conditioner will be as dependable […]

  • Auto Repair Services

    Auto Repairs For over 30 years, Target Auto Repair has been providing prompt, trustworthy, and affordable auto repair and service to cars throughout South Florida. Target Auto Repair will provide you with complete vehicle maintenance and auto repair at rates you can afford. Target Auto Repair excels at auto repair for any part of your […]